I find it quite hard to write anything factual about myself, it feels much easier to express myself in a song.
Country music is a passion that has stuck with me since ever I can remember.  Music is a medium of communication that I can truly identify with.  As I have said on previous occasions, George Jones for me was the epitome of country music, humble, pure and true. There is a famous quote by Harlan Howard, “a good country song is three chords and the truth” and for me those words sum up exactly what country music is all about.   Where many people enjoy the story from a book or film, for me, I enjoy nothing more than the story I find in a song.
I myself write mostly melancholy songs, I don’t intentionally set out to write sad songs, they just seem  to come out that way, I guess that says a bit about what is really inside me and that these are the feelings I can most easily identify with.  Everyone has felt heartache and disappointment at some point in their lives and everyone has different ways of dealing with this pain, for me, when life gets tough I find solace in a song.  
                               Sandy Peter 2015